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This page contains a link to my book on stances, in particular religious stances. This book was finished in September 2014. The book describes and assesses important ideas about the world such as divine intervention, karma, dharma, atheism, and Gnosticism. It describes and assesses the major world religions. As of April 2015, I had not made up the bibliography yet. See "stub" doc below.

You are welcome to use whatever you want for free (at least for now) but don't forget that I retain the copyright and that I assert all rights, and please don't forget to credit me. Thanks.

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In writing a book aimed primarily at religious stances, I had to leave out stances, ideas, and myths that are fun to think about, such as hipster, right wing zealot, nature freak, over sensitive to being "dissed", aloof skeptic, right wing rebel, and warrior Jesus. Those stances, ideas, and myths, are collected on two pages in my Essays. As of April 2015, there was not much on them yet. Still, the links are:

PAGE: Mike Essays Stances

PAGE: Mike Essays Ideas and Myths