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This page holds links to Mike's essays. In the future, there will be more essays, according to the topic pages listed below. Some essays appear under more than one topic.

Feel free to use these essays anywhere, including posting them. If you do, remember I retain copyright and I assert all rights. Please make sure you identify me and make clear where you got the material. Thanks.

PAGE: Citizenship (2 essays)

PAGE: Economics (4 essays)

PAGE: Ideas and Myths (stub)

PAGE: Miscellaneous (stub)

PAGE: Politics (4 essays)

PAGE: Popular culture (3 essays)

PAGE: Religion (15 essays)

PAGE: Stances (2 essays)


DOC: List of Essays (no links)


As of April 2015, I presented few enough essays here so that most can be listed below, with direct links, without regard to category. The number is the year written.


DOC: 2007: Introduction from "First Book in Economics"

DOC: 2007: "Misconceptions about Economics"

DOC: 2007: Suggestions from "First Book in Economics"

DOC: 2012: The Economic Crisis of 2007 and following


DOC: 2011: Introduction to "Jesus for Most People"

DOC: 2015: Chapter 01 from "Religious Stances" on my basic religious values

DOC: 2015: Jesus as God, or not

DOC: 2015: Jesus changed the world, and what that might mean

DOC: 2015: Chapter 09 from "Religious Stances", on atheism

DOC: 2015: God's appearance does not automatically resolve all issues

DOC: 2015: Salvation

DOC: 2015: Eucharist

DOC: 2015: Compassion

DOC: 2015: Righteous Anger

DOC: 2015: Inaccurate Belief


DOC: 2011: The State, Religion, and Jesus

DOC 2015: Chapter 02 from "Religious Stances", on my basic political values

DOC: 2015: Gay Marriage

DOC: 2015: Abortion


DOC: 2015: Chapter 06 from "Religious Stances", on Codes

DOC: 2015: Chapter 07 from "Religious Stances", on Romanticism

DOC: 2015: Chapter 08 from "Religious Stances", on Decent and Indecent People


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