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LEVEL 0: Home Page and Site Explanations

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This site is about Emanuel (Mike) Polioudakis and Nitaya Polioudakis (nee Patsanakrison) only. Mike is making the site, so "I" refers to Mike. "Polioudakis" is pronounced "polio dah kiss". Mike was an anthropologist but now is unemployed. Nit is a library assistant at Auburn University now but has also done fieldwork several times.

Because many people ccess the Web through a small device, the main pages for navigation are small, containing only links. Explanations for the pages are on companion pages that can be easily accessed and easily returned from. The companion explanation is what you would find if the pages had been built for large screens as for laptops and desktops.

Most of the documents that are offered here are PDFs. They can be downloaded and viewed on a large screen. They are not meant to be viewed on a small screen but you are welcome to try if you have patience.

As of November 2015, the main reasons for this site was to provide free copies of material that Mike has written and to give friends-and-family access to pictures etc.

So far, I (Mike) offer THREE FREE BOOKS, one on economics and two on religion. See below. I advise going through the page first for advice on what to read or skip.

As of March 2015, The page "Free Stuff" includes only the books listed below. In the future, you can get any books and other stuff free there too.

You can download any books or essays for free. The fact that the material is free does not mean the material is of low quality. Just by writing any material, I get full copyright in it. By putting my writing on this website, I do not lose copyright. I assert all rights over my material.

Some "stub" pages have little content yet but will have content in the future.

Mike's email address for business is My "snail mail" address is: 1449 Richland Road, Apt. 4N, Auburn, AL, 36832.

Shameless self-promotion: I gladly accept support from any private benefactor or benevolent agency, such as, but not limited to, the Macarthur Foundation and the Center for Advanced Study. Your generosity would support the high-quality work that is already on this site and any future work of equal quality. I promise to report all donations to the IRS. I accept grants, cash, houses (need one), land (a few acres), and job offers from reputable employers. Please see the page on "Mike" for more material that I have produced and on plans for future writing.